Photography Portfolios

Artist Statement

I have been photographing for over 30 years and have pursued it professionally for nearly 20 years. My body of work includes fine art photography, with an emphasis on the outdoors and travel, to extensive experience in portrait and wedding photography. I am a self-taught photographic artist who enjoys experimenting with both film and digital capture, various camera formats, and carrying the process through to final printing. I embrace the challenge of heightening the emotional impact of my images regardless of the subject matter.


Indian Creek Sky

La Sal Mountains

Needles Far And Wide

Animas Rebellious

Springtime Snowdrifts

Over Little Molas Lake

Easter Holiday In Bergen Norway

Joe Steaming Ribs


Beauty And Imperfection

Crying Clouds

All Riled Up

Cloudbursts Around Pedernal

Sleeping Ute Below Clouds


Cross In The Desert

Ready To Go

Seliga Canoes

Church Door

Chaco’s Puffy Clouds

Ophir is Waiting

Telluride Bliss

Needles Never Ending

Twisted Cedar

Shadows of Canyonlands

Sculpted Walls

Pools of Life

From Monarch Cave Ruins

Canyonland Sky

Between Plains and Peaks

Away To Me

Saguaro Shadow 2

Saguaro Shadow

Mission San Xavier del Bac

First Snow

Like Narnia

Water Never Waits

Ice Veins

October Snow

Misty Morning Paddle

Pebbly Maple

Dreamy Creek


Ice Breakup

Singing Brook

Winter Rising Up


Raven and Wolf Tracks

Rainbow Kayaker

Quetico Creekbed


Bush & Drifts

Hutch Lake Four


Calm After The Storm

Burntside Silence

Delicate Frost

Color Filled Birch

Chapel Point

Cedar Over Bedrock

Burntside Autumn

Birch On Burntside

Around The Bend

Agnes Lake Sunset

Pancake Ice

Blueberry Allure

Single Lily

Young Loon

White Cactus Flower

Three Lady Slippers

Sunset Woods

Scarlet Ball

Paper Birch

Loon And Loonling

Big Blueberry

Wedding Dress

Walking & Talking

Street Musicians

Semana Santa

Puppeters Dog

Ponte Vecchio

Montepulciano Door



Man Looking Up

Lune et tour d’eiffel

Hand Over The Seine

Speed of Speed

Easter Vacation In Bergen

Ducks In A Pond Amsterdam


Blessings Notre Dame de Paris

Behind The Altar

Wishing Well

From l’Arc de Triomphe

Toy Boat Paris


It Sparkles And Shines



Pink Rock

Cloudy Dreams

Black Spruce

Waves Of Grass


Glazed Sky

Rattlin’ Elk Antlers


All For The Likes Of You

Stacatto In Freeze

Palette Of Pastels

Opening Up


Crack In The Earth

Aspen Trembling


Morning Fog

Aspen Glow

Mission Ruins

Mission Ruins