Learn To Live Mindfully

Deborah Sussex is a teacher with the Mindful Life Program. She is certified to teach the eight week Mindfulness Foundations Course and the five week Four Keys of Mindfulness online course which, along with her qualifications as a certified Creativity Coach and extensive teaching background, make her a confident, capable leader and facilitator.

The Four Keys of Living Mindfully

A five week online Course:
This course combines eight 30-minute videos produced and taught by Mindful Life Program (MLP) co-founder John Bruna, along with five weekly live Zoom classes facilitated by certified MLP teacher Deborah Sussex. The weekly 1-1/2 hour live Zoom classes will help you feel supported in applying the skills of mindfulness and meditation in your life as well as expand upon and clarify the videos and journal questions.

Course includes:

  • Downloadable course guide and companion journal.
  • Eight 30-minute videos.
  • Five live Zoom classes.
  • 28 day meditation course online.
  • 2 months of FREE membership to the Mindful Life Community online.

Dates: July 21st – Aug.18th. Live Zoom each Tuesday from 6:00pm-7:30pm MST.

Registration Closes: Tuesday, July 14th. (limit of 10 participants)
Cost: $200 value, offered now for $150  Register HERE!
Who can attend: Anyone 18 years and older (unless accompanied by an adult).  Scholarships and payment plans are available.
Questions: Call Deborah Sussex 970-259-4389 or 218-235-8828 (cell)
Email: deborah@creativenaturecoaching.com

These four key areas of mindfulness empower us to be attentive to our thoughts, feelings and the environment with clarity and discernment. These skills help us to make mindful choices and act in ways that are in alignment with our values—choices that are both healthy and beneficial to ourselves and to those around us. When we live mindfully, we are able to cultivate more inner peace, resiliency, genuine well-being and, ultimately, live the life we find most meaningful. We can become the person we choose to be instead of a prisoner of our habits, tendencies, and unconscious conditioning.

Deborah Sussex Certified teacher Mindful Life Program

John Bruna, co-founder Mindful Life Program