Pastels Portfolio

Artist Statement

In my art, I constantly seek life and pursue capturing aliveness in every piece I create. I find that pastel painting, through its organic and tactile methods, inspires me to create impressions that are very much alive and that which brings me to a deeper connection to the essence of my subject. I want others to feel the depth of their own passion and aliveness when they experience my art.


Willowtail Pond

Magnificent Nankoweap


Corners Of The Land

Tried and True

In Front And Above

Once Upon A Rock Bed

Revitalize My Heart

The Light Through The Trees

In High Spirits

Balancing The Bliss

Waves of Mountains

Out There From Here

Blue Sky Butte Red Hills

Finding My Way Back

Night Life

Confetti Hills

Twilight Waves

Lovely La Platas

Ancient Walls

Inland Sea

Adobe Pathway

Grounded Heartline

Blood Moon Rising

Beyond The Slickrock

Fervent Land

My Imagining Mountains

Dawn Light


Face The Day

Adobe Snow

Willowtail Pond

Glorious Sky

Aspen Gold

Ruby Rises Over

Pouring Out

Painted Popple

Red Hills

Until I Go

As It Stands

Because It’s The Sky

It’s On The Inside

Imagine This

To & Fro

Secret Pond

Farewell to the Woods

Boreal Woods Sunset

Aspens in Color


Shell & Plate

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