Free Little Art Gallery Durango

“The Giving Circle”


Welcome to the smallest, free-est art gallery in Durango!
Enjoy giving art, receiving art, doing both
or simply enjoy viewing the gallery!

Through The Giving Circle, I am excited to inspire creativity, collaboration and help ignite the wonderful feelings we can feel when setting an intention to act with generosity and kindness.

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Located on CR 205 Just past Turtle Lake, top of hill, left side.

May all beings be peaceful,

May all beings be happy,

May all being be safe,

May all beings awaken to the light of their creative nature.

FLAG Dimensions (inside):  Approximately 13″ wide, 15″ deep and 13″ high. Choose the size of your artwork accordingly.  No art is too small for this gallery, I personally LOVE tiny works of art.  The suggested largest size is approx. 8″ x 10″ or 100 square inches.

Displays:  There will be tiny easels and pedestals available, but feel free to bring your own if you wish.

“Rules”:  As this is a public space,  please be respectful with your choice of art content. Also, kindly refrain from taking the gallery’s furniture, fixtures and little patrons.  Thank you!

BackgroundThe Giving Circle is inspired by Seattle Artist Stacy Milrany who master minded the FLAG concept in the depths of COVID.  I read about her brilliant idea in the Durango Herald this past March 2o21 and instantly knew I wanted to be a part of something that pulls people together through creative pursuits.  Thank you Stacy for your generosity in encouraging others to join the new movement of FLAGS across the world!

Thankyou to my husband, Mike Dietzman, who built FLAG_Durango as a special October birthday gift for me this year.  Now I get to share my gift with you!

Submissions are ongoing and I welcome work from artists of all ages and abilities!

Size:  Two dimensional pieces no larger than 100 Sq. inches  (approx. 8″x10″) and all the way down to teeny tiny sizes as well.  3D works can be tiny and no taller than 9 inches.

Media: All types! Painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, found objects etc.  Have fun!  We are all perfectly imperfect!

Mail-in Submissions:  If you cannot visit the FLAG in person, you may submit your artwork by simply popping it in an envelope or tiny box and ship to:

Deborah Sussex – 1265 County Road 205, Durango, CO.  81301

Questions:  [email protected]

Located on CR 205 Just past Turtle Lake, top of hill, left side.





Enjoy a portfolio of images from FLAG Durango