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Fine Art Photography & Pastel Paintings by Deborah Sussex

How Birds Inspire Me To Create (and raise funds for bird habitat, education, and research)

RECESS GALLERY (at Studio &) in Durango, CO

SEPTEMBER 1-30, 2018

Artist Reception; Thursday,  September 6th,  5:00pm-7:00pm

As a professional artist and Creativity Coach, this photography exhibit will share some of the things I learned about How Birds Inspire Me To Create.

This past February I went on a fantastic trip to Costa Rica!  Our small team of enthusiastic “birders”/educators joined together in the name of “citizen science” and bird conservation.  We tried to see as many species of birds as possible while raising funds to ensure that research, habitat preservation and education continues to help our fine feathered friends.

I was deeply inspired by the beauty in the nature of Costa Rica; its rich biodiversity, the spectrum of colors, the textures and light.  Birding can be a slow and lovely process which involves keen observation and attention.  Spending hours and hours in a thoughtful and watchful state filled me with the desire to paint and photograph and create art!

My Creative Nature was truly motivated by these birds and I am further motivated to support the conservation of essential habitat in order to ensure the future of these amazing birds species!  I had many people step up to the plate and pledge money to support the two “sister” non-profits; Tropical Wings (in Wisconsin) and Osa Birds (in Costa Rica).  People really want to help!

I also created some custom greeting cards and a 16 month calendar (that begins Sept. 2018) with Costa Rica bird images and am donating a portion of the proceeds to the “sister” non-profits.  You can purchase these online at my SHOP.  You can also purchase them at the Recess Gallery (at Studio & in Durango) while the show is up during the month of September.

The SHOP offers secure online purchasing of my Fine Art Photography, Pastel Paintings, Greeting Cards & Books.

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I was awarded an Artist in Residency and spent one, splendid week in a secluded haven outside Mancos, CO rejuvenating my artistic foundation.  I was also awarded a Microgrant from the Durango Arts Center.  This funding helped me purchase more supplies for pastel painting.  I always insist on investing in “top shelf” art supplies so as to maintain a high level of color vibrancy and archival quality which is passed on to my art collectors.

Revitalize, Read, Rest, Sketch, Paint, Ponder, Compose, Photograph, Restore, Return.