Miners Creek. Mile 108. 10,030 ft.

Miners Creek. Mile 108. 10,030 ft.

Medium: Digital Photography   Location: Colorado Trail  (click image to see full frame)

Purchase this image as a numbered edition archival pigment print in The SHOP.    Deborah will donate a portion of the proceeds of print sales to the Colorado Trail Foundation.

About my photo project “Each Day A Landscape; Thru Hiking The Colorado Trail”

The Colorado Trail is one of America’s premier long distance trails which spans nearly 500 miles from Denver to Durango through diverse ecosystems; from Ponderosa Pine forests and cascading creeks to high alpine, snow-laden country with a net elevation gain of over 89,000 feet!  Trail users experience six wilderness areas and eight mountain ranges topping out at 13,271 feet and the average elevation is over 10,000 feet, rising and falling dramatically.  Our group of four women (know as The NOBS) have a special friendship spanning 35 years with many wilderness and life adventures together

Throughout the journey, I photographed “Each Day A Landscape,” inspired by hand-tinted photography of the early to mid 20th century. I have always appreciated how the warmth and depth of this genre heightens the realism of the subject matter yet suspends the viewer in a dream-like state.  Of the hundreds of images, I chose 43 total, one for each day I hiked.  My visual perspective was limited to, and challenged by, the use of just one lens (16mm-f 1.4 super wide angle) on a lightweight Fuji X-T1 digital camera.  This high quality, portable system was a perfect match for my needs.

A special THANK YOU to all those who supported my GoFundMe Campaign to purchase a new camera system for this project.

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