Green Honeycreeper

Green Honeycreeper (Bold and Alert)

Medium: Digital Photography   Location: Costa Rica  (click image to see full frame)

Purchase this image as a numbered edition archival pigment print and Deborah will donate a portion of the proceeds of print sales to the non-profits; Tropical Wings (Wisconsin) and Osa Birds (Costa Rica) for bird habitat preservation, education and research.

Designed for fundraising; Deborah created a collection of Costa Rica Birds Greeting Cards and a 16 month Calendar with 50% of net proceeds donated to non-profits.  Purchase items in The SHOP.

Costa Rica 16 month calendar

Costa Rica Greeting Cards

In February of 2018, I went on a fantastic trip to Costa Rica!  Our small team of enthusiastic “birders”/educators joined together in the name of “citizen science” and bird conservation.  We tried to see as many species of birds as possible while raising funds to ensure that research, habitat preservation and education continues to help our fine feathered friends.

Did you know that over 55 neotropical birds travel from Wisconsin to winter in Costa Rica and back again to breed each year?  That’s over 5,000 miles annually of beating wings across a vast ocean and sometimes against strong head winds.  It is truly miraculous!

In addition to seeing many birds, we witnessed the beauty of the tropical forests and the diverse flora and fauna; monkeys, sloths, ants, spiders, etc.  Inspiration came in many forms and I was deeply moved by the dedication and ambition of my fellow travelers.  In particular Nina, Patty and Judy the founders of Tropical Wings and dedicated educators who know how to GET THINGS DONE!  Our Costa Rican guide, “Nito” (Surcos Tours) imparted his knowledge and love for his country in ways that only a passion-driven educator can do.  What a champion for the cause!

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