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I love teaching and sharing inspiration and growth with those eager to dive in and learn. My workshops, classes and retreats are ongoing, hosted at various venues, and include the option for private lessons at my home studio.

Private Lessons at the Artist's Studio

“Private Lessons at the Artist’s Studio”

Have the Artist’s undivided attention and together you can explore the world of pastel painting or photography on whatever level you desire.  Working out of the Artist’s home studio, you are exposed to the various “tools of the trade” and work side by side with an experienced professional and passionate teacher!

2 hour lesson = $85

Group of 3 (2 hour) lessons = $240

Group of 6 (2 hour) lessons = $450

Group of 9 (2 hour) lessons = $630

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Unglue Your Mind, Stick To Your Art; Four Keys To Increased Creativity

“Unglue Your Mind, Stick To Your Art; Four Keys To Increased Creativity”

Adult Visual Art Class at the Durango Arts Center

4 Sessions.  Wednesdays, 10:00am-Noon, Jan 17th – Feb. 7th, 2018

All levels welcome!  SIGN UP HERE

“Do you know how when your creative efforts get derailed or comes to a halt and it can be very frustrating. I’ am a Creativity Coach and I help artists trouble shoot those challenges and get back to doing what they really want to do and that is to create!  Through conversation and art-making exercises, each of the four classes addresses an issue and a “key” to open the door to new ways of thinking.  Each Participant will have a hard bound drawing book as a portfolio for their thoughts, notes, drawings, sketches and collages.  Fun and compelling “homework” will be assigned to maximize learning!

  1. Understanding the creative process and making progress?
  2. How to prioritize art; when life demands so much of my time and energy.
  3. Discovering ways to deal with old problems; issues of resistance, procrastination or perfectionism.
  4. Bravely addressing issues of anxiety, fear and the inner critic.

Pastel Painting; Discovering Your Artistic Spirit

“Pastel Painting; Discovering your Artistic Spirit”

Five day workshop at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. May 6th-12th, 2018

All levels welcome!  DETAILS on pricing, lodging, and additional information.

I aspire to the teaching methodology of, “describe, demonstrate, DO!”. Thus, in this workshop, we will explore the art of pastel painting through short demonstrations which emphasize a particular principle followed by a guided exercise and gentle critique. Students will enjoy discussions about materials, value & color, mark making techniques, generating sketches/notan, composition, and learning a progression for the structure of a painting.

Fundamentals of Pastel Painting

“Fundamentals of Pastel Painting”

Adult Visual Art Class at the Durango Arts Center

4 Sessions.  Tuesdays, 3:00pm-5:00pm, Jan 15th – Feb. 6th, 2018

All levels welcome!  DETAILS

Students will dive into this delightful, colorful, tactile and expressive medium.  No prior experience is required to explore the fun and the fundamentals of pastel painting!  

Appropriate for beginner or newly experienced painters.